50.000 Whopper Campaign

BBDO Interone Munich
UX Designer

After the social media launch for the Burger King Germany Facebook Page, I created the UX for a Facebook App that gave away 50.000 Whoppers to all new and existing fans. The online-offline connection with printed coupons was a great success.

The fanpage got about 25.000 new fans within 24 hours, 53.000 coupons were printed and a lot of buzz was created all around the web.

Facebook app and stats

Burger King Germany BA Thesis

BBDO Interone Munich
BA thesis

Branded messages only reach a fraction of a Facebook Page’s fans. Determining the posts that should be shown on a Facebook user’s News Feed, Facebook uses an algorithm commonly called Edge Rank. My bachelor thesis showed in which broader context the Edge Rank is placed, how the algorithm works and how the content strategy has to take the algorithm into account in order to maximize the amount of reached people. Based on an extensive set of the Burger King Germany’s Facebook Insights data, the Edge Rank factors affinity, weight and time decay were examined within a web tracking, relevant KPIs were identified and an optimisation strategy was set up.